This is a test image Kitty's Crafty Lab .

Kittys Crafty Lab

Hello I'm Kitty. I love to paint and play games . I have alot of likes and loves so let me show you some of them.

Zelda Dungeon

Zelda is a very fun game and you should learn about it.

P.S. I'll be puting up drawings, short stories, and much much more.

Let me list some of my likes

Ok so I'm going to try a table and I hope you guys like it.

My name is: Kit. My favorite game is: Pokemon. Favorite color is: orange.
My favorite dog is: Tibetian mastiff. Hobby is: Artist. Favorite food is: Ice cream.

Being home and not geting together with my friends alot makes me really thankful for online games and a computer.

My favorite things about Thanksgiving are.

I'm going to make a list of my favorite Pokemon.

  1. Umbreon
  2. Raboot
  3. Corvnight
  4. Poochyena
  5. Sableye
  6. Absol
  7. Zoroark
  8. Nickit
  9. Toxtricity
  10. Toxel
  11. Misdreavus
  12. Gengar
  13. Litwick
  14. Phantump
  15. Lunala
  16. Cursola
  17. Snom
  18. Sizzlipede
  19. Wooloo
  20. Greedent
  21. Scorbunny
  22. Meltan
  23. Zeraora

Ok so I'm going to make a list of pokemon pictures I like